World IPv6 launch – 6th June

I like to think of myself as an IPv6 expert, sadly it isn’t hard to be when so few people even know it exists!

I try and raise awareness through work, and through development of software which highlights IPv6. My Firefox extension Sixornot was one of the first to do this, and has inspired several others. I’m also using some of the unique features of v6 (multicast and scope identifiers) at work in building an innovative test management system.


I’m glad to see that (at least for me, using AAISP) Google has got most of the domains blogger uses IPv6 enabled. One of the cool features Sixornot has over its competitors is the ability to see whether each component of a remote website is being loaded using IPv6. Quite a lot of sites who claim to be IPv6 ready use CDNs or advertising networks which do not support the new protocol!

You can find more information on IPv6 via the launch day website – it’s well worth finding out about this crucial next-generation Internet technology. You’ll be one of a select few who know what they’re talking about!