Firefox 4

So Mozilla finally got around to releasing Firefox 4. So far I am quite impressed, it’s a bit quicker and has a few new features.

One of the biggest changes seems to be a decision to remove the status bar. I initially thought this was a stupid idea but considering it and having done some work to not need it anymore it actually makes some sense. I’ve been using Vimperator for a while now and the 3.0 release (confusingly for Firefox 4) works really really well. They have moved to a single-line interface which takes up almost no screen-space when not in use.

Since there’s no longer a status bar I need somewhere for all my addons to live. I decided to see how hard it’d be to simply replace their icons with Vimperator commands. So far this has been fairly easy to do. I can just type “:firebug” or “:noscript” and access that functionality. I’ve even written a little javascript to set up proxies automatically so I can do away entirely with FoxyProxy…

I think it’d actually be fairly impossible to cut down the interface any more than it is already at this point.