Out with the new

I’ve decided to return the RouterBoard. In its place I’ve gone back to what was my original plan and bought an Airport Extreme. I’m very impressed with this so far, all of the problems I was having with my laptop have magically vanished and been replaced with very very fast wireless.

The configuration utility that comes with the Airport Extreme is very nice, discovers the device using mDNS and allows all the configuration one could need from a WAP. I was worried before that it wouldn’t be configurable enough and really from what I’ve seen this was a silly thing to think. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson from this – think about the entire situation, not just technological shininess. There’s a lot of value in things just working.

Performance also counts for a lot, and it has that in droves. Using the 5Ghz band is also nice as nobody else around here seems to be using it at all, giving us much more bandwidth to play with. Chris has shown throughput around the 150mbit mark, which is pretty stonking really. Easily enough to stream a DVD over.